Min/Max Hauling, Austin Texas junk removal company

Min/Max Hauling is Austin’s masters for junk evacuation! We service the greater Austin area, from Kyle & Buda to Round Rock, and more! We are a full service junk removal company and will take care of everything from mattress recycling and the removal of furniture, appliances, organic waste, construction debris to old computers and much more! We can handle anything from removing a few items of furniture and boxes to cleaning out an entire storage facility or office. You don’t even need to lift a finger just indicate what you need evacuated and let our junk evacuation specialists do the rest. Our services include the stacking, sorting, reusing, giving and transfer and we offer same day private and business garbage grabs. Call it junk, garbage or whatever you want, if you don’t want it we will take it away!

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Removal and Hauling and Recycling Services...

...such as: Appliances, Mattresses, Furniture, Junk, Debris, Trash & Rubbish, Property and Residence Clean-outs...

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Prices Start at $45

Min/Max Hauling specializes in the smaller cleanup jobs which require a truck. GIG mostly uses an enclosed trailer and a pick-up truck. This simple approach holds cost down. Most junk hauling companies employ a two man crew and use a larger commercial truck, which means that their operations costs are higher. They simply cannot pay the crew, buy fuel, handle fixed costs and pay off the truck lease on less than $100 a job. This also means that if all you need is a mattress removed or a refrigerator taken away, they'll start at $100. Min/Max Hauling was created specifically to handle the jobs bigger than can be handled in a car, and smaller than one demanding a commercial truck and crew. Min/Max Hauling is the perfect company to have handle your appliances, junk, mattresses and furniture. Not only will our rates be the best you'll find, but the items will be placed in a weatherproof, enclosed trailer. This preserves these items for donation. They will be taken to our warehouse to be repaired if needed. In the case of refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioners, if repair can not be affected, we have the appropriate licensing to remove and recycle the freon. Again, another competency GIG brings to its service which saves customers money – There are EXTRA fees for handling appliances with Freon. Min/Max Hauling is fully insured. Its employees are uniformed, courteous and professional. Min/Max Hauling is one of a family of companies that handle heavier cleanups. So, whether you need a sofa taken, shed demolished, or house razed, anyone answering the phone can get any sized job or bid scheduled... Austin Cleanup and Container handles jobs that require crews – project waste measured in cubic yards. We love phone calls for scheduling & estimating... And of course, for your convenience, you can also schedule on-line. We will give you a confirmation call and a courtesy call 30 minutes before arrival.

Everything that needs to go, except hazardous waste

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